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Here at Raingardens Northwest we pride ourselves in providing you with a full spectrum of stormwater services. From installation of pretreatment products to fulfilling stormwater compliance letters from municipalities and counties. 

Civil Engineer


Certified Activation managers for the Pacific Northwest. Ensuring you have what you need to punch out.

Sea Pollution

Stormwater Filtration Vaults

Certified Maintenance & Remediation providers for Bayfilter, Contech, Oldcastle, and many others.

Cleaning storm drains from debris, clogged drainage systems are cleaned with a pump and wa

Storm Facility Inspection & Maintenance

From catch basins to detention ponds, we have you covered on all your stormwater needs.

Construction Workers


Experts in navigating municipal and county stormwater measures, keeping you in compliance.


Filter Cartridge Replacement

Filter replacement programs for BayFilter, PerkFilter, and Stormfilter.

Manager at Construction Site


Need help understanding your responsibilities as a stormwater facility manager/owner. Give us a call today!

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