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Low Impact Development Biofiltration

Filterra is an engineered high-performance bioretention system. While it operates similar to traditional bioretention, its high flow media allows for a reduction in footprint of up to 95% versus traditional bioretention practices. Filterra provides a Low Impact Development (LID) solution for tight, highly developed sites such as urban development projects, commercial parking lots, residential streets, and streetscapes. Its small footprint also reduces installation and life cycle costs versus traditional bioretention. 

Linear Stormwater Bioretention

The Modular Wetlands Linear is the only biofiltration system to utilize patented horizontal flow, allowing for a smaller footprint, higher treatment capacity, and design versatility. It is also the only biofiltration system that can routinely be installed downstream of storage for additional volume control and treatment. The Modular Wetlands Linear continues to outperform other treatment methods with superior pollutant removal for TSS, heavy metals, nutrients, and hydrocarbons. 

All-Natural Absorbent Kit

Spill Bully traveled the globe to find the best absorbents in the world, partnering with Green Ocean in Europe, to source all-natural absorbents made from lava rock (basalt) fiber. Lava Rock is an abundant mineral, constantly replenishing itself and thus making it a truly sustainable solution. After countless hours of testing every absorbent under the sun, we settled on the perfect material to include in our Spill Kits. Sourcing a brand new technology from Europe, Spill Bully broke into the market with the most sustainable and efficient Spill Kit the industry has ever seen. 


Rechargable Media Filled Cartridges

The Stormwater Management StormFilter® is an underground stormwater treatment device comprised of one or more structures that house rechargeable, media-filled cartridges that trap particulates and adsorb pollutants from stormwater runoff such as total suspended solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients, metals, and other common pollutants. With media options to target multiple or specific pollutants, multiple system configurations, and field and laboratory performance verified by the most stringent stormwater technology evaluation organizations; the StormFilter provides engineers the most flexible and most reliable manufactured treatment technology available.

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